Professional client output

With clients looking for demonstrable value for money, the professional research report generated by Defaqto Engage provides documentary evidence of the research undertaken for each individual and their bespoke requirements. This can be attached as an appendix to your own client report or incorporated into an existing template.


Research summary


Once you have completed the research process, a summary of the research is displayed, broken down into products, funds and platforms.






Research report


Your research report opens in Microsoft Word which you can then save to your computer. The report documents the research caried out, providing a recommendation summary and justifications for any products, platforms and funds recommended. It also includes any additional outputs that you have chosen to add to your report.



Click on 'create sift criteria report' to open and save as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, detailing:

  • Product and platform shortlist
  • Products and platforms removed by filtering
  • Products and platforms that were unsupported


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