Panel management

The ability to configure and manage bespoke panels within Defaqto Engage saves you time by avoiding the need to re-key the same research criteria each time.

This function also helps enhance your firm's risk management processes and operational consistency by ensuring that advisers are only able to select from a pre-determined set of options.


Creating a panel is a simple three-step process

Name your panel

Enter a start date and end date if applicable. Select whether it is the default and should automatically load each time a particular product type is researched.


Select the products/providers

You can select products by provider, individual product name or a combination of the two. The list of providers can be expanded to show individual product names by clicking on the arrow symbol.


 Add filters

Once you are happy with your selection (ensuring that you have at least one provider or product ticked), you can choose to add filters to your panel, or simply click finish if you do not wish to add filters.

Saved filters will only be applied to the providers and products permitted under your panel.

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