Quantitative benchmarking

Our unique quantitative Data Numerical Analysis (DNA) helps you benchmark products and platforms based on the quality of the features they offer. A value is applied to each feature, helping you compare and filter out products and platforms with features that are unsuitable for your client.

DNA benchmarking also helps to visually highlight product and platform differentials. These can also be included in client reports, which further help you to demonstrate tangible value and professional outputs to clients.



DNA is based on scoring the features, cover or benefit a product or platform provides against the rest of the market.

A 'weak' feature will be awarded a score of 1. 'Excellent' receives a score of 5, with a 4 being 'very good', 3 being 'good', and 2 being 'satisfactory'. You can now select the individual DNA features you would like to add together to benchmark your remaining products or platforms on.


Select your DNA features 


Once you have selected the DNA features you wish to analyse, they will appear in a list under Selected DNA Features.






View your DNA shortlist


Your shortlist will then be placed in descending DNA score order.

Those at the top of the list will have the highest overall DNA score based on your selected criteria.

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