Cashflow Modelling

Fully integrated with Defaqto Engage, Cashflow Modelling seamlessly connects lifestyle planning into the investment advice process. This enables you to build an illustrated, integrated financial life plan for your clients, while helping to evidence the suitability of your recommendations.

The module makes it easy to see how different factors will impact a client’s lifestyle over each year, pre and post retirement. Create a plan that works for your client by displaying the impact of different scenarios:

  • Adjusting levels of income over different life stages
  • Increasing pension contributions
  • Adjusting living costs and discretionary spending
  • Adding future spends such as holidays and cars
  • Changing retirement and life expectancy ages
  • Retirement income options, like drawdown and annuities
  • Adjusting the risk level of investments
  • Buying and selling assets
  • Downsizing of releasing equity from their home

Taxes incurred, inflation and economic forecasting (from Hymans Robertson) are automatically included to create stress tested stochastic projections.

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Benefits vs other cashflow modelling tools

  • Smart integration with the Engage interface, makes it easier to incorporate cashflow modelling into the end-to-end advice process
  • Connectivity with Engage investments and back-office systems means no rekeying
  • Investments and risk profiles are always up to date with Engage integration and a consistent underlying methodology - have confidence in the outputs for optimal client outcomes

Pension Switching


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