Income Drawdown Workflow

How it works

Our new and unique Income Drawdown workflow allows you to assess the impact that drawing a regular income has on a clients’ accumulated wealth.

Using the workflow, you’ll be able to develop a robust audit trail of:

  • the clients’ required income level and duration
  • the sequencing risk they are prepared to take
  • the potential impact of sequencing risk on longevity
  • what income level is sustainable
  • and a selection of suitable investment funds

We integrate with Hymans Robertson expert analysis of the probability of volatile markets and sequencing risk to provide a comparison of three scenarios:

  • Keeping the investments in the current investment solution
  • Moving investments to funds specifically assessed for decumulation
  • Or, buying an annuity


  • Free to engage users and includes free training and support
  • Streamlines the adviser decision-making process
  • Produces provider agnostic research specifically developed for decumulation
  • Considers the potential impact of sequencing risk on longevity and residual value
  • Consistent methodology and product research across the client lifecycle
  • Integrated with suitability reports writer and client review workflow
  • Supports advisers in providing compliant advice for clients in income drawdown

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