Review existing holdings

Engage Core makes clients' reviews easy.

Importing existing portfolios

You can easily import details of your clients’ existing portfolios thanks to integration with your back office system such as Intelliflo or IRESS, saving you the need to re-key any information. You can also import your clients’ existing portfolios manually using Excel.

Assigning existing holdings a Risk Rating

Engage Core will then assign the existing holdings a Risk Rating so you can review them against clients’ agreed Risk Profile to see if they are still the right choice. In a few easy steps you can x-ray your clients’ existing portfolios, whether it is for a new client or part of an annual review cycle, to understand if it still meets their needs or rebalance if required.

Automatically created audit timeline

Thanks to the automatically created audit timeline in Engage Core you can also easily see any previous interactions with the clients and other researches that you have performed for them.

 Existing holdings process review


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