Planning clients income in retirement with the decumulation workflow

The decumulation workflow is designed to help you make recommendations for clients who are retired or semi-retired and looking to withdraw an income from their investments. The workflow has an at retirement modelling tool which allows you to model how your clients' income can meet their needs, then seamlessly go onto research solutions to provide the required income whilst ensuring suitability through integrated profiling.

Five investment choices for income generation

We support the following investment choices for income generation, which one(s) you select will depend on your clients’ situation:

Engage has a workflow to help you assess suitability and make a recommendation for natural income. In addition to the workflow, Engage can support you with the other investment choices with whole of market annuity, equity release and fund data within our research workflow.

Retirement modelling tool

This allows you to input all of your clients’ assets and needs, then model whether their needs can be met. You can use the modelling tool on its own, or you can then go onto the natural income workflow. Learn more.

Natural income workflow

Defaqto has developed this ground-breaking natural income workflow to help you assess investment suitability, based on your clients’ requirements and attitude to risk, then allow you to seamlessly research investment solutions to match. To aid this process we have developed a set of Income Risk Profiles which funds are mapped to.

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