Natural income workflow

The natural income workflow allows you to assess investment suitability, based on your clients’ Income Risk Profile and requirements, then seamlessly research investment solutions to match.


Attitude to risk questionnaire

The workflow has an integrated psychometric questionnaire, provided by A2Risk and tailored specifically towards clients looking to withdraw an income, which is unique to Engage Core.

Agree Income Risk Profile

Combine your clients’ objectives with the results from the questionnaire, then model the most likely outcomes. Then, through discussion with your clients, you can agree an Income Risk Profile to research suitable portfolios.

Income Risk Ratings

We have developed a set of four Income Risk Profiles: Low Volatility, Medium Volatility, High Volatility and Capital Preservation, which correspond to the Income Risk Ratings. We have a robust process to income risk rate funds, and provide all the evidence and documentation you need to back up your recommendations within the Engage Core toolkit.

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