Giving fund, platform and product recommendations with the research workflow

The research workflow has been designed to help you with all your clients, whether they are building their wealth, planning for retirement, looking to withdraw an income or protect their family. The workflow allows you to perform research across funds, products and platforms either on its own or combined with one of our other workflows.

Whole of market, independent data

Defaqto collects and updates comprehensive data on over 19,000 funds, platforms and products on a daily basis. We have 60 analysts working every day to ensure you’ll always have up-to-date information you can rely on.


Choice of portfolio construction method

Engage allows you to choose from four portfolio construction methods, providing flexibility in investment strategy. The options are; risk rated multi-asset funds, risk rated DFM managed portfolios, single-asset optimised target asset allocation and manual selection. Find out more about our Risk Profiles and how we risk rate funds.

Time saving templates

Engage allows you to create and manage templates, to save frequent search criteria, across all three areas. This will save you time, as you don’t have to re-enter the basic criteria every time or you can create templates for specific client scenarios. Templates can also be used to ensure consistency across your business if you have multiple users.

Data visualisation and analysis

Once you have refined your search down to your shortlist, Engage has a number of ways to visually display data about them, to aid the analysis of the options to help you find the best one for your client. Engage will allow you to compare up to 5 options side-by-side, the details of which can quickly be added to the full research report as part of your audit trail or to demonstrate to your clients why you are making your recommendation.

MiFID II compliance data

Two of the core MiFID II requirements are the disclosure of the costs and charges associated with the investment and ensuring that the investment is suitable for the type of investor. With Engage you are able to view, sort and filter information, provided by Morningstar, required to support your compliance and find the best options for your clients.

Engage provides access to data that falls broadly into the following categories to help you with your MiFID compliance:

  • Target client – The target market, type of client and the level of knowledge and experience that the fund is aimed towards
  • Client objectives – The types of client return profile, loss capacity and time horizons that the fund is suitable for
  • Appropriateness – Information on the distribution method, structure and other relevant risks
  • Costs and charges – Data on one off charges, transaction fees, performance fees (both estimate and actual) and the performance fee terms

Want to know more about using panels for fund research in Engage?

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