Suitability report writer

Enhance the quality of your advice and free up valuable time to focus on your clients with comprehensive and personalised reports generated by the Defaqto suitability report writer.

The report writer is powered by ATEB suitability and uses a template system with a proven compliance track record that has been integrated with the Intelledox software. Templates have been integrated with the Intelledox software to provide a unique solution to the long-standing challenges associated with suitability report generation.

On completing their research Engage users receive an instant, client specific, compliant suitability report to support their findings.


With this cutting-edge template creation software you: 


Save time and money

Reduce the need to re-key information, dynamically remove or add relevant content quickly and eliminate the need to re-format output. Ultimately, you'll experience extensive time and cost savings.


Create highly personalised reports

The intuitive and dynamic wizard guides you through a process that 'glues' the advice to the client's circumstances, giving you a truly personalised output.


Customise your templates

Create a perfectly formatted suitability report in your own house style, with customised content, in line with your preferences.



Complete 'compliance' peace of mind

Developed by compliance specialists to focus on relevant content to produce a 'TCF friendly' output which has been examined by the FCA during numerous visits over the years, with only positive feedback.


24/7 online access

Simply log on wherever you are, whenever you want.




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