Analyse pension switching scenarios with latest update to Engage Core

04 February 2020

The latest functionality in Engage Core allows you to compare pension switching scenarios in an efficient and compliant way, bringing consistency to you and your clients across the pension switching process.

This feature expansion to Engage Core lets you compare multiple pension switching scenarios, including partial switches, and provides your clients with our research-backed intelligence.

Our end-to-end financial planning offers integrated risk profiling and product, fund and platform research functionality, providing unprecedented levels of detailed insight to you and your clients.

In addition, two-way integration with back office systems ensures you don’t have to re-key the same information across multiple systems, saving you time.

You can select from over 850 Defaqto risk-rated funds and managed portfolio services, or choose your own central investment proposition.

A streamlined process

“We’re incredibly excited to bring this expanded offering from Engage Core to the market and look forward to working with the advice community to ensure its full benefits are delivered” Paul Dagley-Morris, Chief Technology Officer, says.

“A streamlined process will improve efficiency in DC pension switching, allowing advisers to provide better client outcomes, reducing costs and time spent on the switching process. Our aim is to ensure that advisers have access to the highest level of insight and technological capability required to help clients navigate the pension switching journey successfully” he adds.

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You can learn more about our end-to-end financial planning tool, Engage Core, here.

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