How to apply ESG preferences in Defaqto Engage

03 March 2022

We have recently covered the introduction of the ESG Questionnaire, which is now available in Engage to help assess a clients’ ESG preferences. Once captured, the questionnaire responses can be used as the basis of identifying suitable investments, by applying the corresponding ESG filters during the fund research process.

We have released two new videos recordings with Joshua Deacock, Customer Success Executive at Defaqto, and Roger Perry, Head of Intermediary Sales that cover how to use both the ESG Questionnaire and ESG Filters to achieve the clients’ desired outcomes.

The first video covers how to use the ESG Questionnaire.


The second video covers the best practice use of the ESG filters. Unsurprisingly, Fossil Fuel and Palm Oil exposure are the most often excluded environmental filters, while Tobacco and Small Arms are the most often excluded social filters.



For a full list of ESG Reviews, please visit our ESG Reviews hub.

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