How to do client reviews efficiently

07 January 2019

Often, when we talk about reviewing existing holdings, we mean client reviews. After all, the relationship between a client and an adviser is often for a sustained period of time, if not for life.

Client reviews are key to ensuring your clients’ investments are on track and form a key part of the adviser/client service proposition. And while it can sound to clients they are just having a quick catch up, from the advisers perspective, quite a lot of preparation is needed to gather all of the relevant documentation required for the meeting to take place. The challenge is obvious: how can an adviser review complex portfolios in a robust, repeatable and time efficient manner?

Inheriting clients

More and more advisers are inheriting clients from firm mergers and the acquisition of new books of business. This presents an adviser with the challenge of on-boarding these new clients into the firm’s existing internal advice processes. Given the amount of tools in the market, it can mean almost starting afresh with risk profiling and then in-depth analysis of the existing holdings to see if their clients’ current assets match their agreed risk level.

Reviewing existing holdings workflow

Built into Engage is a workflow that follows the natural steps you would need to take to review a client’s existing holding. In a matter of minutes, client portfolios can be assessed to establish the performance, charges and risk level.

In Engage you can either manually add your clients’ holdings or simply upload them in a spreadsheet. If uploading funds via a spreadsheet, all you have to do is make sure you have the correct ISIN and percentage of how much is allocated to each fund.

In Engage Core, you get a full view of previous recommendations as Engage Core stores your clients’ current list of plans. It will also remind you when you last reviewed your clients’ Risk Profile. If you use Intelligent Office, Engage Core automatically uploads all your clients’ existing plans and provides real time valuations for review. If the client is new and you don’t have a back office integration, you will need to upload their existing fund holdings via a spreadsheet.

Whatever route you take, it means that all your clients’ existing holdings are now available for you to review.

X-raying the portfolio

The existing holdings get displayed in an easy-to-navigate window. Engage will X-ray the portfolio and provide you with statistics on the funds that your client is invested in. Performance graphs and asset allocation pie charts will automatically be included in your clients’ report. You can compare the data of funds based on various criteria – Engage will compile the necessary information based on your requirements.

Of course, it is possible that the previously recommended portfolio doesn’t meet your clients’ current Risk Profile. In that case, you can easily rebalance their asset allocation and make new recommendations.

Engage Core links each piece of client research to a specific goal. This is simply to acknowledge that clients might have different agreed Risk Profiles depending on the purpose and the length of their investments. This means that you get a wider flexibility in having different agreed Risk Profiles based on the particular scenario and your clients’ goals.

Using Engage for reviewing existing holdings

When rebalancing portfolios, you can use Engage to recommend new risk rated portfolios and choose any of the investment methods available: from Defaqto rated multi-asset funds and DFM managed portfolios to risk-optimised single asset allocation. In Engage Core you can also recommend your own model portfolio, thus this workflow can be easily used for on-boarding your new clients as it supports your due diligence in every step of the process.

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