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Drawdown review guide: How to assess ongoing suitability Content only accessible to registered users

July 2020

COVID-19 has not only changed the way financial advisers work, but it has also brought with it increased uncertainty. Stock markets around the world fell by up to 35% between the start of the year and late-March, creating the perfect storm for those in drawdown that many may never fully recover from, primarily due to sequencing risk.

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How to analyse workplace pension default funds Content only accessible to registered users

April 2020

The workplace pension arena provides a great opportunity for advisers. There are over 1.4 million employers with schemes, and this is growing by around 175,000 each year as every new business must have one in place.

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Researching and selecting a managed portfolio service Content only accessible to registered users

March 2020

It is only in the past decade or so that for many advisers, on behalf of their clients, the primary investment focus has shifted from return to risk. This document looks at discretionary multi-asset solutions available on a platform.

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Balancing pension freedoms and risk in the modern advice world Content only accessible to registered users

January 2020

Over the last five years there have been several key legislative changes, leaving advisers with a requirement to quickly adapt their processes to ensure they continue to be fully compliant.

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The benefits to advisers and their clients of using risk bound fund families Content only accessible to registered users

October 2019

In recent years, with the market volatility we have seen, there has been a shift in investors’ primary focus from being on return, to being on risk. This document will take a closer look at the multi-asset funds universe and, in particular, risk bound funds.

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