Platform service review 2020

by Richard Hulbert
Insight & Consulting (Wealth & Protection)

April 2020

The results of our annual platform service survey are now available. The survey asked financial advisers to rank the most important aspects of service and then rate their own experience of platform providers. The results were then plotted, identifying gaps in satisfaction experience.

Our survey confirms that while platforms are still the dominant solution for accessing funds, the nature of how they are being used appears to be changing.

You can read more about these findings in our platform service review, which is based on our service survey, conducted in 2019, where we asked advisers to rate providers in 11 categories:

  1. New business administration
  2. Existing business administration
  3. Online services and ebusiness
  4. Pension freedom servicing
  5. Provider’s staff
  6. Reporting
  7. Platform design and management
  8. Technical assistance
  9. Transition and implementation
  10. Adviser charge administration
  11. Platform provider strength and brand

Download the full platform service review now to see how your experience compares to that of your peers’.


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