Professionals’ guide to drawdown 2019/20

by Richard Hulbert
Insight Analyst (Wealth)

July 2019

Pension freedoms has brought drawdown to the masses, and moved existing pension savings from a source of income in retirement to a financial planning vehicle. This guide will help you identify the factors to consider in your drawdown advice process.

This guide is full of facts to help you research and provide compliant drawdown recommendations, and explains how to mitigate some of the issues and risks involved. The guide describes:

  • How to design a compliant initial and ongoing due diligence process for drawdown
  • The different retirement options
  • The suitability of a selected level of income or withdrawal
  • Key issues in managing an effective drawdown strategy
  • Risks associated with drawdown
  • The death benefit options and understand how they impact on advice

Professional financial advisers and paraplanners can add considerable value by helping their clients avoid the common pitfalls, including tax on withdrawals and contributions, and lost capital.

The document, sponsored by Prudential, is accredited by the CII/PFS and CISI for up to 60 minutes of structured CPD.

Our Introducer pack, including tax data facts 2019/20 is available for download here.


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