Star Ratings

You can work your way through the product universe yourself – or see at a glance where a product or proposition sits in the market, based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features and benefits it offers, with Defaqto Star Ratings.

Star Ratings are now available in Defaqto Engage - our end-to-end financial planning software for financial advisers - enabling you to compare a shortlist of propositions and research the market generally based on the Rating of a product. Engage provides integrated fund, platform and product research all in one place - saving you time, reducing your compliance risk and cost, and helping you evidence research and demonstrate value to clients.

Segment the market without doing the detailed research yourself

Use our independent Star Ratings to compare products and propositions across a wide range of areas. We rate each product and not the provider of the product.

Providing post-recommendation assurance

Get post-recommendation and give your clients post-purchase assurance with our Star Ratings.

Helping you understand the industry landscape generally

They provide a high level view to help you understand the product and proposition universe, ultimately adding to your knowledge and supporting the tangible value you offer your clients.


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