Product lifecycle management support

Using our extensive market knowledge and in-depth research, we provide a range of services to assist clients with many aspects of their product lifecycle management. 

Proposition design

Designing a financial product for a specific target audience is vital to ensure that it is successful at launch. The cost, in time, money and reputation, of reworking poorly conceived products could be highly damaging to your brand(s). We work with your product development teams to help create product specifications that will meet the needs of the target customer segments while maintaining your competitive position in the market.

Proposition development

Taking a product from concept to launch-ready, we help you with preparing materials such as policy wordings, key facts documents, sales and web messaging. Our extensive knowledge of both your and your competitor products help to mitigate the risk of poor or incorrect product literature.


Launch support

Using our extensive product and domain expertise we ensure your product is correctly positioned in the market, and provide up to the minute competitive analyses to help support the product launch messaging.

With any product, marketing messaging both at and after launch can have a major impact on your sales. We help to identify and create product-based marketing messages which can be used in your launch materials and PR, helping you to showcase the customer benefits of your products.

Independent validation can boost confidence within your sales and customer support teams. We can be an integral part of your internal communications and launch activity and lead internal product presentations with an independent review of key messaging.

Ongoing review and audit

It can be a time consuming process to continually determine your market position. Often competitor information is difficult to find and out of date. From a single product in a specific market, through to a range of products in multi channel markets, we provide you with a comprehensive audit of features, benefits, competitors and potential options for growth and development. This can be prepared for internal briefings to support new product launches or revisions or for more senior colleagues to underpin business cases.


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