More about Star Ratings

Defaqto’s vision is to help people make better financial decisions. Star Ratings are a key element of how we achieve this, by providing an independent, unbiased mechanism for helping people instantly understand where a product or proposition sits in the market, based on the features and benefits it offers.

We have been producing Star Ratings since 2000. Our Star Ratings now cover more than 90 separate areas within general insurance, wealth management, life and protection, and banking.

Star Ratings award a product or proposition a rating of 1 to 5, depending on the quality it offers. A 4 or 5 Star Rating indicates that a product or proposition represents one of the best quality offerings in the market.

Star Ratings convey a ‘promise’ about the quality of a financial product and, rightfully, consumers have certain expectations of a product with a high Star Rating. They don’t necessarily know all of the details, but expect a 4 or 5 Star product to be among the best in its class and offer features that perform in that way.

We apply a transparent, stringent and consistent methodology to ensure that Star Ratings remain reflective of industry, market and consumer trends and developments - and thereby fulfil the Star Ratings promise.

Importantly, Star Ratings are backed by our independent brand.

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