Defaqto Matrix

Defaqto Matrix provides instant and unbiased market and competitor intelligence:

  • Saving your business the time and cost associated with gathering, analysing and disseminating market and competitor intelligence
  • Helping you understand and react to changes in the market as they happen without delay
  • Enabling you to maximise the impact of your marketing activity, internally and externally, by giving you the intelligence to identify USPs and communicate them effectively

Saving you time and cost

Matrix saves you the significant time and cost involved in collecting, structuring and maintaining this breadth and depth of data yourself.

Matrix is built on our whole of market data. We standardise the data to ensure ease of use, and straightforward manipulation and product comparison. Further, the software is completely flexible and customisable to the needs of your business, in terms of output and the distribution - including automation - of output.

Instantly understanding and being able to react to product changes 

By enabling you to run one-off or regular change reports, Matrix enables you to instantly identify whether competitors have made any product feature changes or brought new products to market - giving you the ability to react quickly.

Not only that, but it also gives you access to three year's historical data.

Maximising marketing impact

By having access to complete competitor product data, you can more easily identify your products' unique selling points and position your product favourably in relation to the next best alternative, including on price points and key features.

In addition, through this insight Matrix helps you safeguard against taking uncompetitive products to market. 

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