Defaqto Diamond Ratings

Diamond Ratings are an unbiased assessment of the quality and performance of a fund, fund range or model portfolio (MPS) from an independent and trusted brand.

They support new business acquisition and customer retention by enabling you to communicate the quality of your proposition easily and with impact - both internally and externally and to new and existing advisers and/or investors.

An easy and impactful way of communicating the performance and competitiveness of your proposition

  • A simple, visual way of communicating a proposition’s quality
  • Supports campaigns to increase sales and/or customer retention by helping you differentiate your fund/fund family or model portfolio and communicate its quality
  • Gives your staff greater understanding and confidence in the proposition

Support you to secure a place on adviser panels

  • Advisers are increasingly using Diamond Ratings as the basis for panel selection
  • With 98% Defaqto brand recognition, Ratings are well known among advisers - our Ratings therefore have influence
  • The Ratings are available within Defaqto Engage, enabling advisory businesses to programme panels using them

Give advisers, and their clients, post-recommendation assurance

  • They are an unbiased assessment - we apply a stringent and consistent methodology; we do not have ties with any fund manager; we do not knowingly exclude any propositions in the areas we rate
  • They are backed by Defaqto’s well known, independent brand
  • The Diamond Ratings process is completely open and transparent


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