A Guide to Business Protection

by Ben Heffer
Insight Analyst - Life & Protection

November 2011

This guide looks at the opportunities for advisers within business protection and gives detailed guidance on the support available from the major providers.

Business protection represents tremendous opportunities for advisers to write more business while addressing the needs of corporate clients. It is characterised by substantial sums assured and multiple policy sales. It also offers the prospect of repeat business due to the necessity of regularly reviewing clients' circumstances.

For advisers seeking to increase their activity in this market, a rich seam of opportunity may already be close at hand in the form of existing clients with business protection needs. By researching the business protection requirements of their current corporate clients, advisers may uncover potential requirements that have previously been unaddressed, positioning themselves strongly to offer advice and guidance. This could generate increased sales of life assurance, critical illness cover and income protection products.

Our guide to business protection offers guidance to advisers on identifying new business protection customers from within their existing client base.

It gives detailed information on how to identify potential new revenue streams from the following client segments:

  • Company clients
  • Clients with corporate debt
  • Clients operating partnerships or who have shareholders
  • Sole proprietors

The guide also contains a synopsis of the various aspects of business protection, an overview of product features available within the business protection market and a comprehensive breakdown of the support that different providers can offer to advisers.


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