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5 Star rated

  • Aviva

    Your Surgery Policy

  • Lloyd & Whyte

    Practice Insurance

  • NFU Mutual

    Business Insurance - Surgery

  • RSA

    Offices (Incorporating Health & Medical)

4 Star rated

  • Allianz

    Complete Office

  • AXA Insurance

    Offices & Surgeries

  • Covea Insurance plc

    Packaged Offices & Surgeries

  • MIAB

    Practice Policy

  • NIG

    Office And Surgery

3 Star rated

  • Aviva

    Your Aviva Business Insurance Office And Surgery

  • iprism

    Surgery Policy

2 Star rated

  • Arch Insurance (UK)

    Arch Insurance Office & Surgery

  • AXA Direct

    Business Insurance

  • New India Assurance

    Offices & Surgeries

1 Star rated

  • American International Group UK Limited

    Office & Surgeries Package

  • NIG

    Office & Surgery Insurance (Open GI)

  • One Commercial

    Office Package

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Our Star Ratings are updated every year on 1 February. Throughout the year we review the criteria with the industry and conduct market research to set robust standards. Our ratings are published here, on our website, ensuring transparency.


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