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5 Star rated

  • ALPHERA Financial Service

    Cosmetic Repair & Alloy Wheel Insurance

  • Car Care Plan

    AutoTrust Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance

  • Complete VPI

    Alloy Wheel Insurance

  • Complete VPI

    Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance

  • GardX Assure

    Alloy Wheel Protection (D5e)

  • Inchcape Retail

    InchcapeCare Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance

  • Jardine Motors Group

    Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance (Standard & Prestige)

  • Marshall Motor Holdings plc

    Alloy Wheel Insurance

  • MotorEasy

    Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance

4 Star rated

  • No products rated at this level

3 Star rated

  • Acasta Europe

    Alloy Wheel Insurance (Prestige)

  • Acasta Europe

    Alloy Wheel Insurance (Standard)


    Alloy Wheel Insurance

  • Coplus

    MOT, Alloy & Mis-Fuelling

  • Direct Gap

    AlloyWheel Repair Insurance

  • Johnsons Protect

    Prestige Tyre & Alloy Insurance (Alloy)

  • Mercedes-Benz Insurance

    Tyre And Alloy Wheel

  • smart

    Tyre And Alloy Insurance

  • The Auto Group

    Combined Tyre & Alloy Insurance

2 Star rated

  • Mapfre Assistance

    Alloy Wheel Insurance

  • Mapfre Assistance

    Prestige Tyre And Alloy Wheel Insurance

  • Snows Motor Group

    Tyre And Alloy Insurance

1 Star rated

  • Mapfre Abraxas

    Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance

  • We Insure Extra

    Scratch Dent & Alloy Protect

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