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5 Star rated

  • @sipp


  • Alltrust Services Limited

    The Alltrust SSAS

  • Astute Trustee Services Ltd

    Astute SSAS

  • Barnett Waddingham LLP

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Carey Corporate Pensions UK Ltd

    The Carey Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Curtis Banks

    Curtis Banks SSAS

  • D A Phillips & Co Ltd


  • Day Cooper Day

    Day Cooper Day SSAS

  • Dentons Pension Management Limited

    Dentons SSAS

  • Hanover

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • InvestAcc Pension Administration Limited

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • James Hay Partnership

    James Hay Partnership SSAS

  • JLT Premier Pensions

    Premier SSAS

  • Mattioli Woods

    City Trustees SSAS (Formerly City Trustees)

  • Mattioli Woods

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Morgan Lloyd

    Morgan Lloyd Qualitas SSAS

  • Redswan Ltd.

    Redswan SSAS

  • Rowanmoor

    Rowanmoor Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Rowanmoor

    Rowanmoor Solo Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • SSAS

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Talbot and Muir Ltd

    Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes

  • The Pensions Partnership

    The Pensions Partnership SSAS

  • Wensley Mackay Ltd

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Westerby Trustee Services Ltd

    Westerby Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Whitehall

    Whitehall SSAS

  • Xafinity

    Xafinity SSAS

  • Yorssas Ltd


4 Star rated

  • AJ Bell

    Platinum SSAS

  • Bespoke Pension Management


  • Central Tax and Trustee Planning


  • Hartley Pensions Limited


  • Mattioli Woods

    Full Service SSAS (Formerly Taylor Patterson)

  • Mattioli Woods

    One Member SSAS (Formerly Taylor Patterson)

  • Momentum Pensions Limited

    Momentum SSAS

  • Organon Trustees

    Organon SSAS

  • Rowanmoor

    Rowanmoor Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Sovereign Pension Services (UK) Ltd

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

3 Star rated

  • Cranfords

    Cranfords SSAS

  • Excel Pensions Ltd

    Excel Pensions SSAS

  • I.P.M. Trustees Limited

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • LCT Pensions Ltd

    Corporate Open Pension

  • Mattioli Woods

    Investment Only SSAS (Formerly Taylor Patterson)

  • McCarthy Taylor Consulting Limited

    McCarthy Taylor Consulting Limited SSAS

  • Morgan Lloyd

    Morgan Lloyd Directus SSAS

2 Star rated

  • GPC SIPP Ltd


  • Monument SSAS Limited

    Monument SSAS

1 Star rated

  • Pension

    Pension Practitioner.Com SSAS

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